They are changing.

photos © Hiiroshi Manaka and Yoshiharu Ota

photos © Shintaro Yamanaka

'Misunderstanding Focus', 27 Quivering Portraits by Nerhol

“Unless you’ve mastered some mystical Oriental technique of definitive immobility, you’ve most probably noticed your blood flow is impossible to control and even when you’re doing your best not to move a muscle, your blood continues to circulate causing the slightest wavering in your centre of balance. Fascinated by the impossibility of immobility, the Nerhol collective asked 27 subjects to pose for a nearly imperceptible 3-minute time lapse then stacking all the photographs together in a beautifully distorted pile. The resulting portrait series is a tribute to mortality rather than vanity - a gentle reminder that our bodies keep changing every second of every day!”

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